At Admireworks, we are very selective and strategic in who we bring into our community. This is to ensure the success of our members and to create an innovative environment that is conducive to growth. The community is invite only and is currently only open to the first 100 people.

Our onboarding process follows three distinct phases: Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action to ensure that the expert and our team have all of the insight and information.

How does it work?


Receive an invite by Admireworks or current member (membership is invite-only)


Complete the Clifton Strengths Finder test and join our discovery call where we determine if it’s the right fit


We build your profile based on your current standings and experience. At this stage, we’ll provide you with a suite of tools, apps, and templates.


Experience the full support of Admireworks – weekly group meetings, client strategies, processes, analytics, and more!

The first 100 people will receive FREE 3-month access to the platform. If you bring on a new member, we will extend your free trial. After 3-months, you will be eligible to join the Admireworks through shared equity and collaborate on international projects, further advancing your entrepreneurial opportunities.