BRAND DEVELOPMENT Café / restaurant

Little Grove

Your neighborhood café.

Little Grove has created an exclusive space where you can soak up a young and cosmopolitan atmosphere with all the warmth and familiarity of your very own living room.

They are committed to making their rest-o-food house a community success story. One can see that good food and people are their passion and they are proud to play a significant part in the happiness of someone’s day. Familiarity and product innovation are why their guests keep coming back for more.

Admireworks took the basic concept of the walnut tree and grew out the Little Grove brand, complete with menu, packaging and uniform designs along with brand guidelines.

The Idea

We drew inspiration from multiple sources. Starting with the initial inspirations, we concentrated on the main element that made the parent brand Walnut Grove unique: the tree. With that as the centrepiece, we carved out the main logo and branched out into patterns and colors. Through multiple revisions we landed on the right color scheme that suited Little Grove. Making a pattern for the brand was no hard task either since the brand identity was almost growing by itself. We felt like facilitators in the process.

The Execution

Taking all the elements we developed, we brought them together in a visually appealing and suitable combination. From the packaging designs to the employee uniforms, everything followed in step. We finalized with the development of the website. This project was very rewarding for us and a great period of learning as well

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